Calculating ID / passport checksums
Generate or verify id checksums
Written in TypeScript
Swiss all-time charts
Search for your favourite song!
Written in JS / Python
Mobile number cost
How much would a custom mobile number cost?
Written in JS + AngularJS
Calculating hash lengths
Calculate number of hash digits
Written in JS + AngularJS
Notifications on Raspberry Pi
Send whatsapp messages on a Raspi
Written in Python
Identifying language by letter frequency
Match short text snipplets with languages
Written in Python
Pokemon Go IV calculator
Rate your Pokemon according to this blog post
Written in LOLCODE
No Man’s Sky ship cost calculator
Calculate ship cost in the game No Man's Sky
Written in JS + AngularJS
Chiptune player
Demo of some playable chiptunes
Written in JS (based on Chiptune2.js)
Pokemon Go Whatsapp Notifier
Get notified of nearby spawns in Pokemon Go
Written in Python
Four color theorem map solver
Demonstration of the Four color theorem (map coloring)
Written in JS + ProcessingJS
Namensgenerator Guggenmusiken
Name generator for Guggenmusiken
Written in JS
Flocking simulation
Flocking of birds
Written in JS + ProcessingJS
Comparing images
Comparing image similarity using dhash()
Written in Python
Boggle Solver
Highscore solver for the word game Boggle
Written in Python
Bejeweled Bot
Bot for the popular game Bejeweled Blitz
Written in Python
Capturing Input
Recording and drawing mouse input
Written in Java, Python
Bézier curve
Demo for Bézier curves with several parameters
Written in JS
Generator for mushroom names (german)
Written in JS
Bubble Blast Solver
Solver for the popular Android/iOS game Bubble Blast
Written in JS
Einfache Simulationen eines deterministischen Automaten
Written in JS