Bye Wordpress

December 4, 2014

After some years of using Wordpress, I'm leaving as of today. I sometimes really liked writing in it, the choice of plugins and visual themes is amazing, and also the administrative interface and statistics were pretty.

On the other hand, writing in it always felt a bit constrained. I didn't write a single post without glimpsing at just another code highlighting/importing/executing plugin, just to waste hours to find the perfect match, which often didn't came along.

I also always felt like it was a bit bloated - not on the interface, which is quite nice and clean - but underneath, looking through themes to modify them, searching through PHP code. So many code and stuff in the background which I never fully saw through.

And one more thing: WP is pretty much only designed for blogging - writing posts, posting them on the front page and wait for them to vanish in the archive. Sure, you can categorize them, but what I want is some mix of fix, static pages, that can be really easy accessed and always stay updated, and not only articles which fade away. I also had the feeling, that "Pages", the static sites of Wordpress, are always overshadowed by the main actors, the overmighty Posts: They can't be shown on the front page by default, you have to create a link somewhere so they can eventually be found, and there's no concept of maintaining a pool of (maybe hierarchical!) static pages which is getting bigger and wants to be presented in a neat way.

Nonetheless Wordpress is a great blogging engine, and I'm sure a big part of the people I know will be happily ever after with it. It just - isn't the right thing for me anymore.

In general, I want more freedom, more possibilities to hack around in the code. And without having to learn a whole PHP framework :-) I'm leaving for Textpattern, a more minimalistic approach of the whole blogging/writing thing.