Recipe search

October 3, 2022

I built a recipe search based on available ingredients, check it out:

Every Thursday, we get a box of fresh, organic vegetables delivered to our house:

Since about one and a half year now, we have a "vegetable subscription" at a farm (Brunner Eichhof), which also includes delivery. You can check what you'll get about two days in advance, and it will vary depending on the season.

The problem is that sometimes, we're away in the evening or have already different dinner plans, and can't use anything from the box. That leaves us with a few evenings to cook from and use what we got with the vegetable delivery.

So I asked myself, what is the most efficient way to use the vegetables from the box? Or put differently: How can I find recipes that use as much as possible from the ingredients I have?

I didn't find anything, so I built it myself! It looks like this:

You can enter up to 10 ingredients and it will search for recipes which use as many as possible. It shows which ingredients are used in which recipe and for draws, it randomly orders them, so you'll get different results on a refresh.

The App is built on Angular + Python/Flask and has a small SQLite database behind it with links to around 34'500 recipes, basically a big tagged link collection, and will forward you to original recipe site on clicking the recipe link. I added some fixed-size thumbnails which help for navigating and recognizing recipes.

The code is available in a Github repository: recipe-search.

Thanks for reading and happy cooking!