My first website

12. January 2020

Some while ago while I was preparing another blogpost I was digging through some old code and saw some old URLs of websites I used to maintain. Most of them used to be at free providers like Tiscalinet/Datacomm or, which all do not exist anymore today.

Having used the Wayback machine recently, I checked and found that indeed at least one of my old pages was still available, and I’d like to share this gem from 2003:

Explosions! GIFs! Links! Moving text! You can see the ‘live’ archive version here.

Fun things to see:

“Can’t you read?” (after clicking on the link for that page) :-)

  • The downloads page, with a lot of programs like zip crackers, SMS bombers, trojans (netbus, sub7) and brute forcing tools (brutus, unsecure) – yes, I was really into “hacking” at that time :-)

Nearly 4 minutes as a prediction for a one megabyte download.