The Stanley Parable

December 30, 2015

Warning: If you haven't played the game yet, do that first and then come back. This post contains massive spoilers, you have been warned! As a remarkable coincidence, the game is also on sale right now on Steam until january, 4th :-)

The Stanley Parable is a first person game based on the Source engine and will let you experience a day in the life of Stanley, who is sitting in his office 427, following orders, typing into his computer, until he notices that something is different and nobody is around anymore. Guided by a godlike narrator, he then explores the empty building and also the meaning of his very existence.

One outstanding feature unique to this game lies in the discovery of the multiple endings and easter eggs. Even two years after its release there's an ongoing discussion on Steam in which new secrets are discovered and shared, and you can never be really sure you got everything.

(Spoilers start here, last chance!)

Some fun things to try:

But even more challenging is the number of ways in which you can "finish" the game (if this term even makes sense for this kind of game).

Image by Bluepkmntrainer

Here are all the 21 endings* I found (or, in case of two or three endings, discovered on the Internet :-) and also what to do to reach them, click to make larger:

(*) I'll define an ending as one of the following cases:

  1. It is explicitly named or stated as such (e.g. Broom closet ending, Whiteboard ending)
  2. Death and/or restart by the narrator (e.g. Suicide ending, Freedom ending)
  3. You're stuck in a way that's intended or foreseen (narrated) by the game and there's no other way to progress as to restart by yourself (e.g. Window endings, Stuck in Portal ending)

The 21 endings can be watched here (numbered clockwise as appearing in the chart):

  1. Coward ending
  2. Heaven ending
  3. Broom closet ending
  4. Crazy ending
  5. Escape Pod ending
  6. Museum ending
  7. Explosion ending
  8. Freedom ending
  9. Choice ending
  10. Confusion ending
  11. Apartment ending
  12. Divine Art ending
  13. Stuck in Portal ending
  14. Destination ending
  15. Suicide ending
  16. Powerful ending
  17. Cold feet ending
  18. Voice over ending
  19. Guitar song ending
  20. Whiteboard ending
  21. Serious ending

Have fun and share your experience (especially if you found something new!)

And don't obey the narrator... ;-)