Fun with ChatGPT-4

March 24, 2023

If you haven't been living under a rock, you certainly have heard (or even played with) OpenAI's chatbot, ChatGPT. With the new GPT-4 model available it seems to be even more useful, as it understands many prompts and can give helpful responses.

Although I think it's definitely overhyped at the moment, I also think it will be more and more useful in the next few years, so why not just follow along and pick up some use cases where it can actually help out? There's a great video by Tom Scott on this, it gives some great context on what to expect of new technologies and also large language models like GPT in the near future:

That being said, I decided to compile a list of some use cases I found interesting or helpful.

All prompts are shown in full (from the beginning) and are based on the GPT-4 model (end of march 2023). It is always the first response which is shown (unless noted otherwise).

Stable Diffusion prompting

Can one AI help to interact with another? Let's use ChatGPT to create a better prompt for Stable Diffusion:

This one took some iterations (not shown is the first prompt, where it explained what to draw in whole sentences). For the first prompt, the images looked very similar to "Starry night", and almost no change is visible.

But if some negative prompt is added, for example "stars", it gets a little bit better, at least two images seem to contain balloons now:

With the last prompt with negative prompts (but removing the negative words, so only with "stars, celestial, constellations"), the results are quite good!

I especially like this one, which pretty much is what I thought of initially:

It also shows that it won't just give the perfect answer just at once, but interacting with it (or post processing its output) can lead to much better results.

Let it explain swiss-german lyrics

In his song "Dene wos guet geit", Mani Matter explores on social equality and why the rich don't really have an interest in making the poor less poor.

Prompt: mani-matter

It's amazing how it not only understood the swiss-german sentence, but even provided a meaningful explanation why it could be true.

Get better book recomendations

After a "finished book blues" I decided to ask ChatGPT for some recomendations:

I ended up reading "The Swimmer" by Joakim Zander (from a previous prompt), which was quite okay. Maybe I will pick up one of the other recommendations.

Classifying plants

I love Pl@ntNet and their app, being able to identify plants is fun and interesting. How does ChatGPT deal with just a text description of a flower?


This was the image I was referring to (source):

Explain or summarize books

Back in school, there where auxiliary books called "Literaturschlüssel" which had to be bought to really get all the context on a book compiled into a handy summary, like the life of the Author, the book in the context of its time and also the themes or deeper meanings it had. ChatGPT does a pretty good job here too:

Estimating Story Points

Not bad - It goes into the right direction. It could've been a bit more nuanced and estimate ranges, Story 2 could easily go to 13, but it got the general idea of complexity very good.

Creating poems

For my "Secret Santa" gift at work, I gave an Ingwerer and some Mate and decided to add a poem to make it a bit more interesting. ChatGPT helped me out with a poem:

The interesting part is that "Ingwerer" is not really a known liquor, so I was suprised it knew something about it ("Ingwerer, süß und scharf zugleich"). I asked it if it knew what Ingwerer was:

Holiday planning

Prompt (source idea):

I especially like how it mentioned "...convenient for families with young children" and also made some comment about the weather in winter.

Recipe ideas

Sometimes you have some ingredients at hand, but don't know the recipes that they could be used for. That is why I created - see also this blog post - but let's see if ChatGPT can also help here:

Pretty neat! I liked how it found something which used all of the ingredients, except for the sweet potatoes. If you enter the same ingredients at my page you also get two soup suggestions:

Finding a free visitor statistics tool

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right tool, with some specific requirements, like finding a free, hosted, non-invasive visitor counting tool. ChatGPT actually does a decent job:

Generating a simple timestamp conversion website

A coworker of mine (which is not a developer) actually did this and uses it to convert timestamps to a readable datetime.

It's amazing that no coding at all is involved and the generated HTML and JavaScript can be inserted into a file and opened:

Amazing how it got everything right at first try and the conversion works out of the box. I also like that it gave precise instructions on how to insert, save and use the generated code.

Fun with language

Some words are not really translatable, and I asked ChatGPT for such words:

Explain jokes

If you don't know the song, I can really recommend it:

Thanks for reading and have fun with prompting! Let's see where this goes in the next months and years :-)